The Company

Roger Gudmundsäter, Mikael Månsson and Andrew Gent started with the idea back in 2018 and the concept has been evolving from smart compact living homes to top quality senior living apartments.

iKare was established in 2021 as a Swedish funded company specialized in the promotion and management of high-quality senior living resorts apartments. The Company has developed internal expertise in sustainable conditions as well as partnerships with medical entities in the region for the purely health aspects needed.

In 2022 the company incorporated Pablo Manzanares as CEO to take over the process of acquisition, development and operation of the first project in Costa del Sol and upcoming.

The objective of iKare is to build a huge community chain of Senior living Exclusive resorts and change the way the elder living people approach this great phase of life. 

Board member & CEO

Pablo Manzanares

Founder & Chairman

Roger Gudmundsäter

Founder, Board Member & CFO

Mikael Månsson

Founder, Board Member & Head of real estate development

Andrew Gent

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